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I pride myself with having a very nice taste, and I will post some pics of some objects of mine in another post, to prove this.

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Another perfect gift from the Far future: The Tranquility Pod

Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

I am here to offer you yet another PERFECT GIFT solution. We are here on the hyper design-futuristic type of object, such as the wonderful sauna which you can explore clicking on this entry of my wedding gifts ideas blog.

This post is a description and a review, though a honest and complete one,


wedding gift list


So, as the appealing name of this wedding present suggests, this is a wonderful piece of furniture that serves the only and NOBLE PURPOSE of delivering comfort and coziness to it’s users. So, if you want to make the couple happy, the statement I just made could be enough to make you think to go for this gift. Furthermore, I could honestly tell that the amazement would be also of whoever lays his lucky eyes on this piece, since it seems as a cocoon transported in a flash of light from a distant point in the galaxy. So: it will be appreciated also by whoever visits the receiver’s house, who will enjoy the object’s cutting edge aesthetics.


I used this item for a short while and made a thorough research and collection of information about it. The following review is a complete, honest and hopefully helpful review of the Tranquility Pod based on the described work and experience.

So, the design is simply astonishing, of the futuristic kind – I would say this character is more than legitimate, given the technology of the furniture. The color of the object is white, so it fits in all the color palettes which may exist in the place were the pod will be located. Though of a futuristic and minimal design, I deem it compatible even with old or ancient furniture.

In a nutshell, this Pod is a cozy small room with comfortable mattress in which the user can lay and be isolated by the outer noise while being gently massaged and look at a changing aura of lights, all to the purpose of making him relax, breathe fully, meditate and forget all the problems and hassles of the outer world.

The cushion mattress on the inside of the pod is covered in a beautiful real white leather. The cushion itself is in memory foam (that is a polyurethane which easily molds into the form of the body laying on top of it, for extra comfort and heat). Below that there is, as if the comfort weren’t enough, a water bed, and the temperature can be set. There are also to foam pillows.

As mentioned, 90% of the outside noise is blocked out while lying in the Pod. The user can then put on music of his choice selected from his iOs or android devices. The quality of the music is promptly assured by four 80 watt speakers and a sub-woofer on the bottom, which vibrations cuddle even more the resting user.

The music can be controlled both by an inbuilt controller or by the devices from which it comes or wirelessly.


To me, the biggest technological breakthrough is tendered by a sensor which analyses the heart beat rate to change the color and rythm of the lights accordingly, to the end of maximizing the relaxation.

As usual, I give you the MEASUREMENTS:

Size: 78″ diameter x 42″ height

Weight: 350lbs (170 kg approx.)

Here you have the Cons and Pros



-On the long run can bore.


-Lifetime warranty;



-Useful, since in this fast paced world relaxation is as valuable as it is forgotten.

To inquire, to have shipping information and to verify that there is the possibility of returning the item if unhappy (so it was when I checked)


I hope to have served you well once more in the search for the perfect gift.



Great Gifts: Transform your friends’ living room in a Theater!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen from your Unusual wedding gifts guru,

Here, again, one of the great gifts to impress your friends, relatives etc… And one they will keep vvirtually forever: the state of the art Eliese HP-Bw2 Tower speak system. This is a review, an in depth and unbiased one, at that,


So, this beast is almost top notch in the home theater sets niche. To go better than this you have to spend $20.000+ , and , probably, if the bride and husband are not audiophiles, that would be totally wasted money.beautiful home speakers eliese theatre makes one of the best gifts possible

As I state elsewhere, I love beautiful things (with this I mean aesthetically pleasing, as well as exclusive and functional, obviously) and this set is, above all, very pleasing to the eye. It’s beautifully made out of beautiful dark red wood.

The set has a powerful sub-woofer, two back satellites and, being one of the main features, two nice tower-like front speakers.

This is a typical wedding gift list item and it truly can turn out to be the perfect gift. Though, maybe, it doesn’t fit into the most unique gifts as:

the definitive espresso machine,

the best private safe in the world

Think about it: each time they’ll cuddle at night, watching their favorite movies, they’ll think of you… every time they’ll invite friends over to watch a match, they’ll think of you… every single time they’ll watch the news (every day?), again, they’ll thank you.


As already stated, many of the items I review I don’t own, I just view and recollect information about. Well, for this one I didn’t find a lot of information around, I believe that, being so highly priced, there are not many customers who have spread their knowledge. The few reviews I read are of excited and fulfilled users. And, ladies and gentlemen, I heard this beauty at work: I can assure that you will not be able to tell whether you are comfortably seated to watch a movie or if you are in the middle of the action. The sound is SUPERB! And, furthermore, the highs, lows and mid range sounds are perfectly reproduced. Sometimes it happens that Only the highs or the bases are well balanced and rounded.

So, if you’re not after cheap gifts, then consider going with this state of the art set of speakers.

A bad thing is that the online gift shop, among the very few that carry the item, only ships to U.S. at the moment.

Click here to check it out.

Hope you agree that these is among the great gifts the newlyweds can expect, and tremendously useful too.

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